Kemerton Silica Sand is located on 1600 hectares of freehold land on the northern boundary of the Kemerton Industrial Park which is approximately 35km north of the port of Bunbury and 150km south of Perth.

Kemerton Silica Sand is a joint venture between the Japanese parties Tochu Corporation (67%) and Toyota Tsusho Corporation (33%).
Toyota Tsusho is a major Japanese trading house whilst Tochu is a supplier and processor of sand to the Japanese glass and foundry industries.

KSS Policies

Occupational Safety and Health Policy

Kemerton Silica Sand is committed to achieving the highest standards of safety and health for all its employees and stakeholders associated with all of its operating activities.

Consistent with this objective Kemerton Silica Sand will:

  • achieve continuous improvement by incorporating applicable evolving management systems, knowledge and technology, in conjunction with the utilisation of best practice procedures;
  • manage risk through the introduction of a hazard identification and management programme underpinned by a continuous performance review process;
  • ensure that all employees, including contractors, are fully instructed, trained and assessed in the tasks each will be required to perform and in the operation of all plant and equipment;
  • communicate and consult with employees, including contractors, and where appropriate involve them in the development of practices and procedures focused on the improvement of occupational safety and health performance;
  • ensure that all employees, including contractors employees, are fully aware of their responsibilities to take reasonable care to ensure their own health and safety at work and to avoid adversely affecting the health or safety of others through any act or omission at work;
  • co-operate with government and the community on occupational safety and health issues and contribute to the development of relevant occupational safety and health policy, legislation, standards and research;
  •  comply with all appropriate legislation and standards as a minimum.

Kemerton Silica Sand will focus on the development of a culture where safety is a core value and every individual takes responsibility for their actions and works as part of a team with a shared vision and objective to eliminate all accidents from the workplace.

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