High Quality

Felspathic silica sand

Kemerton Silica Sand has established itself as a supplier of high quality felspathic silica sand (KALSi3O8) to the container glass and sheet glass markets in Japan and the Asian region.

The project was commissioned in April 1996 with the first shipment of product departing in July 1996.
Our customers require a high quality product with tight specifications.

Quality Control procedures of the highest standard are followed to ensure customer requirements are met.

We welcome all enquiries for our products.

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Our Operations

Kemerton Silica Sand ore is mined by dredging. This has proved to be the most economical and environmentally friendly option available.

Our Environment

Kemerton Silica Sand is a responsible company which recognises and values the rights of others and cares for the environment.

Customer Centre

The silica sand produced by Kemerton Silica Sand is used predominately by manufacturers of glass containers, computer monitors and TV screens.

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